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Five Oaks Ranch is a family run business, specializing in Western Style horse-riding, using pure bred American Quarter Horses, Appaloosa and Argentinean Criollo.
Gerry Mannion and his son Bryan are both qualified instructors.Read more...


We breed, train and sell pure breed American Quarter Horses and Appaloosa.Read more...

Five Oaks Ranch Featured on RTE One`s Nationwide

This programme is presented by Michael Ryan, himself an able horseman, who joined in the days activities by riding one of the trails.

Five Oaks Ranch was featured on the programme on Friday, 8th August.

Watch it here...

What People Say...

Joy Dunlop
People are often quick to criticize and slow to praise so I just want to say how much Carol and I enjoyed our riding- and company ! There is a very warm friendly feel to your place and I do like your method of working ’with’ your horses not dominating or breaking their spirit. I wish more people had your approach but I think it is slowly getting through especially with the younger generation.